Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I remember a few years ago, either this popped into my mind or my mother told me to do it, I decided to write a book.

It was about a girl named Gabby, her sister Tessa, her dad, a hot werewolf guy named Jake, and their Bull Mastiff named Lai, and I'm pretty sure I named Tessa after my sisters dog she used to have.

I remember the beginning of the story where a guy came to their house and told Gabby their mother was dead...About ten chapters later she was proved alive...For some reason I thought that her mother's air force buddies would think this was a funny joke...I soon realized it would never happen, yet I kept it anyways.

I was going through a Jon and Kate plus 8 craze at the time, and the idea of having Jake and Gabby have six kids randomly popped into my mind, and was pure gold... A few were named after friends, a few had names I just lied, and one had some weird werewolf name from an internet generator.

But...How? I had no knowledge of where babies came from at that age, so I needed an excuse, and it had to be good! Then one day, it came to me! "I got it! When a girl gets turned into a werewolf, there is a possibility she gets pregnant!" Plus at this point Gabby was already a werewolf, so it worked. Looking back, it was a stupid idea. This is where my favorite characters came in...Kasey and Corey. I believe they were brothers, but my memory of the writing process is blurry...Kasey and Corey were Jake's best friends, and only pack members. They were also living in a dump, except the exteriror was cool...In the inside? That was a completely different story. Bricks and pieces of wood fell from the ceiling...In my imagination, it looked like a drunk guy had taken a jackhammer, a sledgehammer, and a chainsaw and just went insane...

When it eventually came time for Gabby to have her six kids/puppies, I remembered something crucial...Not only did I have no knowledge of how people got pregnant, I had no idea how they were born. I had hit a wall...I would never finish the story like I wanted, and I would have to simply end my wonderful terrible story by saying, "And Gabby, Jake, and their kids lived happily forever after while Kasey and Corey hunted down the drunk guy that destroyed their house." I couldn't have that happen. And then, my little mind came up with a solution! Gabby would faint, be rushed to the hospital, and then, the kids would appear...Little did I know this would mean that Gabby not remembering it would mean she would've been unconscious during labor, and I'm pretty sure someone would be awake for that.

I remember Gabby putting the kids in their cribs and walking away...Then her mom babysat and one of the kids went through her first werewolf transformation with Grandma not-dead and then she never spoke about it, and Gabby and Jake never freaked out...

But, not long after that Gabby freaked out terribly. Her six kids were now ten years old...And it happened over night. Jake explained it happened to lots of werewolves...He even included it happened to him. About a year later, after receiving and discovering new information, I realized this would be weird, creepy, possibly illegal, and would make Jake a parent at eight years old...I later changed "It happened to me." to "It happened to my little sister."

But I wasn't done yet...No. Not at all...I was in a long-running wolf pack roleplay with my friend over the internet...I figured: "I'll throw a couple of my characters in here! It'll be great!" Thus, Silvermoon and Kyler were thrown in the story. I'm not sure where I got Kyler, but I'm pretty sure I named him after my friends sister...I'm also pretty sure he was dark blue with red eyes...

After that, Jake and Kyler rolled off a cliff...I don't remember how, but Jake eventually came back to life...

I figured, "I'm gonna get this masterpiece piece of crap published someday! I should write a sequel for all the fans I'm gonna have!"

So, I got working on a sequel...It was equally as terrible for the thirty pages I wrote.