Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forever Alone

It was a happier time. FIlled with slushies, chicken tenders, hamburgers, ice cream, and giant watermelon wedges. Oh, and pool parties every other day.

Ahh...How I miss those days. I don't regret a single one...
Except...There is one day however, that I wish I had re-done.

There was this family, with three extremely tan and tall and cute boys. Everyone had a crush on one of them at some point, and it was my turn. I had already liked the middle child, so since my friend liked him, I decided the youngest who was a year younger then me, named Prince Eric, would be a better match for me.

Prince Eric and I had gotten into a bit of a fight that day. My friend Sara was his worst enemy, and he was hers. Somehow, they were dared to kiss each other as a joke. After they screamed no, Prince Eric told me that if I kissed my worst enemy, he'd do anything I wanted for a week, but would only serve on one day because that was the only day we'd see each other again that week.

So I said that I had never kissed anyone, and he said, "So?"
So, I went to my enemy and told him that Prince Eric dared me to kiss him. He screamed, and ran away.

When I explained to Eric, I told him if he kissed my friend I would be his servant. They screamed again. So eventually, we decided we would both be servants if we both kissed our enemies. Thats when Princess Tiffany jumped in. She said, "Why don't you just kiss each other? :D"

Eric and I had reached a problem. Not only were we looked at each other like we had never heard the term "Kiss each other." before, but we were also thinking about it.

Eric said he would feel bad about it, because he broke up with his girlfriend of ten minutes the day before.
His ex-girlfriend was six or seven, so it wasn't hard to imagine why they had broken up...They just weren't right for each other I guess. And I guess their mac & cheese and chicken fingers dinner date just isn't good enough for her.
Can't blame her though, flies like to hang out in the pool-side restaurant.

Sara and Tiffany encouraged me to do it, they even told me to kiss him in the bushes if we didn't want anyone to watch. But the bushes were behind the fence, and behind the fence had been outlawed by my mother a few days before, and I was already on strike two. If she found out I was back there again, and kissed someone, she'd kill me.

So I said I was fine if people watched, but if he wanted to kiss behind the bushes, Sara and Tiffany would have to make sure Parental Unit #2 was still working the swim meet for me.

We paced back and forth and contemplated the kiss, while sending our friends to speak with each other because we were to nervous to do it ourselves.
Mr. Worst Enemy of mine and friend I don't know the name of told me Eric wasn't sure, because he would feel like he was cheating like his brother Prince Tyler had. I never told my friend because she would've been crushed.

I mentally facepalmed and reminded them Eric was single again. They went, "OHHHHH! YEAHHHH! RIIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTT!" And walked back to Eric.

I finally decided, "Yes. I want to have my first kiss today!" and went up to Eric's friends.
Eric was no where to be seen, and was probably getting more mac and cheese and chicken fingers, I dont know though.
His friends looked at me sadly and said eric had changed his mind. He wasn't going to kiss me.

I walked away with Tiffany and Sara in tow, and sighed.

Forever alone.

And yes. I did change the names. Could you tell?