Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here goes nothing.

I don't have funny comics about how annoying customer service is...
Or quizzes about whether or not you'd survive a fight with big foot...
However, I've done many blogs before, they all failed miserably...One was a news blog for a popular kids website, one had many different stories, including ones about me going to swim meets and me fantasizing over the guy I liked. But this blog will be different. I will be telling stories I find funny of my life. Ones from yesterday, today, and 5 years ago. If I can think of any that is...
And since I have nothing else to really blog about, how about a story of what I went through to create this blog?

--January 26th 2011--
There I was. Reading comedy blog posts I had already read ten times just for fun...How would it feel to be a popular blogger? Probably pretty cool...Maybe I should try...Ya know...I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna attempt to be a popular blogger! But...What would I name it? After what seemed like hours, but was only about half an hour, the generators I was using gave me the greatest name for a blog ever. The Cosmic Fish. Beautiful! Only it needed something else! And there it was on the next generated name..."Official" That was it. That was what it needed.

Alas, I was torn between two titles. The Northernmost Sledgehammer, and The Official Cosmic Fish. Who better to ask then my mother, who was conveniently (It took me five minutes to figure out how to spell that word.) placed next to me. She said The Northernmost Sledgehammer sounded too violent...So Cosmic Fish it was!

After I made my banner/header, the internet went out...Oh well. I'd try again tomorrow...Or so I thought.

--January 27th 2011-- The next morning, it was still out. While my mother and I spent 8 hours shopping for various electronics, we had gone from Router, to Monitor, to Computer game, to Monitor, to USB CD-Drive, to Monitor, to Lunch, to TV, to Surge Protector, and to Monitor again. It was a very tiring day to be honest...By the end of the day we got our monitor and Surge protector. And we got home in time for America Idol too...And only then was I able to get to work on my blog.


So, to my readers, (if I have any at all), I promise you, I will have better stories next time we meet.
I'm not sure how to end this so...Bye.

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