Friday, October 14, 2011

Just another day in the neighborhood.

Look what I saw yesterday.

"Oh yeah, what a nice road! I enjoy the bush next to it." You might be saying. NO. Thats a fox you see!
His name is Jumpy and he may or may not be a female...

I named him Jumpy because he jumped up on a rock wall that was almost three times his size.  
I think he might be a superhero.

He was adorable the entire time we were chasing him around our neighborhood to take pictures. Even when he tried to eat a squirrel!

I drew a picture to show you just what it was like.

Mr. Squirrel got away, but Jumpy was very determined.
I would've given him some food to make up for it, but I didn't have any squirrel with me. (Sorry Jumpy.)