Thursday, January 26, 2012

...It's been how long?

It's official! OCF is now 1 year old! Hooray!
You know, I thought I would be a lot farther along by now...More followers, more fans, and more funny.
There goes that idea...

Well, to celebrate this special occasion, I'm gonna go have my female parental unit make me...err...Us, a cake, and maybe we'll go to the animal shelter later and my parental units can say, "We can go! But we're not getting anything!" And then we'll come back with a cat named Voldemort.

I dunno. Sounds like a good day to me..

So! If I do get the cake, and possibly even Voldy Cat, I'll post pictures.
Until then...

Happy Birthday Blog. You give me a place to turn random mishaps and mystery's of my day into fun, and laughter...

The laughter comes from mostly me and my mother but, that doesn't mean you aren't fun...So thank you, blog...I love you...Like my offspring. Or maybe a brother...A brother offspring? Okay, I'm from the south but I'm not that redneck!
Fine. You are like an-annoying-little-brother-that-I-always-wanted-but-kinda-didn't-and-now-love-because-I-have-you to me, and I love you.
I'm sorry I couldn't get you a cool present, like a bunch of followers, but I got something better.

...Take a look.

Yep. That's right. An autographed piece of paper that has something to do with all of our posts from the last year.
I hope you know how long that took me. I had to track down the spinny thing game kids, Jumpy, Jimothy, everyone. NASA wasn't too happy about signing, but they gave in because I told them it was for a good cause. They didn't really wanna know who the other people signing were...

The Parental Unit's gave me a strange look and said I was weird, but that didn't matter.
I signed my name too, but it looks weird because I'm not good at cursive.

Happy Birthday, Blog!

It was on this day, I realized I may be the only person in the world who celebrates the "birthday" of their blog.
And it feels awesome.

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