Monday, January 23, 2012

I took pictures that are supposed to be 3D, but aren't.

I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm sure that's not that bad because no one but my Mom and maybe a couple friends read this. Hi Mom.
I was gonna post about how much I hate Lady Bugs because they get in the house during winter and climb in my soda cans, in fact, I'm pretty sure I've swallowed some. My sodas have been tasting especially lumpy...
But then I remembered I took a bunch of fun pictures on my 3DS, and I wanted to show people. I'll probably post them on Google Plus too, but no one really uses that and I don't have a facebook...

So anyone who has ever had a DSi or a 3DS knows that the camera makes a really annoying, and very loud, shutter noise, but I don't think it even has an actual shutter.

That aside, I was taking pictures with my AR cards because I was bored and my computer had no power and it was the middle of a thunder storm. While that was going on, my female parental unit walked in and asked if I was making that noise. I told her yes, and then I made her look at the pictures of my Mii's in a conga line, which was a premade pose, and there is no way I would ever be able to do that on my own because it's probably look awkward and I'd get bored by the time I got done. Thanks Nintendo!

Anyways, I remembered there was an SD card and put the pictures on my computer, but it took awhile because I couldn't figure out how to get the current card out of my computer, realized that was probably a bad idea, because what if the SD card on there held every last piece of data on my computer, and suddenly it was all gone? I doubt that would happen, but you really never can be too sure...So then I had to ask my parental unit for her magic SD card transferring USB item.
There is probably an actual term for it, but magic SD card transferring USB item is more fun...I'll look at a dictionary if I have to but that seems like a waste of time, the one on the bookshelf looks really old.

So here you go! There should be some cute pictures of Mii's doing stuff, and maybe some pictures of Jumpy and Jimothy having a tea party. I dunno. I haven't put them up yet...

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