Saturday, September 24, 2011


Jimothy is my pumpkin. I bought him for a dollar at the farmers market, and he is the most awesome thing in the entire world. Do you know why? Well for one, his name is Jimothy. Like Jim and Timothy put together. For another one, he is a PUMPKIN. Pumpkins are awesome.

And for two more ones, He fits in the palm in my hand, and he is gonna dress up as Sawyer from LOST this Halloween. We don't know how we're gonna get that wig though.

I took pictures of him for size comparison.

Jimothy in my hand.

Jimothy next to a tasty Brand Name Fruit Candy.

Jimothy in the cup holder.

Jimothy on the dashboard of a minivan.

I really hope you understand the smallness of Jimothy, and how amazing he is because of it. He fits in my hand. Do you have any idea how small my hands are? Very small. This is a very amazing pumpkin. He is only twice the size as a tasty Brand Name Fruit Candy.

Jimothy for President.