Saturday, November 26, 2011

I think I hear mousey toys and meowing at night...

That is gonna start soon, I think. Know why?
Because I have a dead cat buried in the woods behind my house.

When I was younger, my neighbor had a cat named Mo. That kitty was the one that sparked my interest in owning a cat.
Also, I had completely forgotten about that cat until about twenty minutes ago.

About an hour ago, my sister said that there were people walking around in the woods behind our house. Normally, this wouldn't bother me. There was always weird crap going on in our woods. It was probably just a deer. I was wrong.
When the Mystery Person returned, my Female Parental Unit walked outside and asked her was she was doing.
She said, "Oh! I used to live in this neighborhood, so I'm burying my cat here."

I'm not sure how "Used to live here = Able to bury dead cats here" makes any sense, but hey. I always wanted a cat.

Except...I wanted a LIVING cat. Not a ghost cat.

Anyways. My condolences to the family of said kitty. It sucks to lose a pet, it really does. May he rest in peace, and may he also not decide to haunt me in my sleep.

(Also, I'm sorry for the oddly funny, yet slightly depressing post for today...)