Sunday, February 19, 2012


So you know how I said I was gonna try and go to the animal shelter and get a Voldemort Kitty, and maybe have some cake too?

Well...We didn't have cake.
And we didn't come home with a cat named Voldemort...

But we did get one named Penny.

We got her January 26th, the day of the blogs 1 year anniversary, and she is 7 months old. She has a pink sweater and she sits on the couch and laughs at me while I lie on the floor and eat junk food and drink juice pouches while I try to think of ways to be funny.

Also, the only reason I waited to post this was because no one reads my blog, so I figured it wouldn't matter. Oh well. Maybe by the time someone other then my mom sees this I'll be famous!
Hi again, Mom...

So now that I am a crazy cat lady in training, you, meaning my mother and my invisible readers, should expect  random posts about my cat in the future.

Speaking of the cat. She snores. But then she wakes up after a really long sleep and looks at me like she wants to kill me, and her eyes turn red.

This cat either really wants to murder me in my sleep, or she is a vampire...Or maybe both.

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